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Hi everyone, Dor Strikovski in my 30s,

With experience in a variety of the best cuisines in our tiny country

(Mahanioda Group, Coco Bambino, Mana and more), a graduate of Estela's Confectionery School.

These are the dry details :)

I've always loved and been involved in the kitchen, the place that always takes me to the little chambers of my heart and that of my clients.

During the Corona period, the restaurant industry collapsed and I found myself at home without a job and without the possibility to cook at the Mana restaurant I ran because it simply closed,

One small phone call from Ines Yanai, my good friend who is also from the food sector,

A conversation in which it was said in one sentence: "Bring Jerusalem to Tel Aviv" made me stop everything and simply open my head and especially my heart.

From there, the "Jerusalemite" was created - a pampering picnic basket

who simply brought my whole being to a lot of satisfied customers who over time became one small family that recommends the Jerusalemite by word of mouth and that's how I also reached distant customers, from the USA who invite and pamper their families in Israel, yes I also brought hearts closer together.

In a brave step that realized that I have many more flavors and things to offer my customers,

I realized that I wanted to make more delicious products beyond the brunch baskets, and after a long period of hard work, I am proud to present to you the Jerusalem online delicatessen -

A home deli, where I cook and bake all the products from my small house in Tel Aviv and send everything to your door.

I invite you to browse the site and order everything that comes to your mind to your taste, I'm sure you will find something you like


Yours with lots of Jerusalem love.

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